Get Your Readers to Help You Grow

In the magical world of the Internet, there are many different ways that people consume and share information. There are naturally bloggers who share content more readily than others. As a blogger who’s looking for increased traffic to your site, you can benefit greatly from tapping into these heavy content sharers as a resource. Identify […]


What Makes Your Blog Different?

So you’re trying to make it in the blogging world. Great! But if you haven’t asked yourself this question before, it’s critical for you to evaluate your efforts and your blog: What is it that sets you apart from the millions of other blogs? Harsh as it may sound, it’s crucial for you to be […]


A New Link Building Tool: SpyFu’s Backlink Builder

If you’ve been on our site, you’ve surely seen us mention the importance of link building when building and evaluating your overall web presence. There are a number of useful web tools that can help you to identify new link building opportunities, as well as evaluate your current links and strategy. Today, we’d like to […]


Making Money with ClickBank

There are a virtually infinite number of ways to make money through your blog, like banner advertising, selling your own products, and joining an affiliate marketing program. Today, we’re going to discuss an affiliate marketing program called ClickBank. ClickBank allows bloggers to make money by promoting digital information products through their blogs. This program can […]


Reviewing Post Performance

One of the best ways to “crack the code” for a successful blog is to track the performance of your posts. As your blog becomes more advanced, take some time to look back on the performance of past posts. Which ones got the most interaction and views? Is there a pattern between them, or perhaps […]


Effective Post Titles for Traffic

The best way to get people to read your blog is to familiarize yourself with the “formula”  (an algorithm, if you will) for attracting people who are interested in your niche.  In order to get your blog noticed by your potential readers, try answering some obvious questions. How do you find the content that you […]


Leveraging Reader Questions for SEO Content

Any blogger has faced questions from customers or readers, whether they’re directly sent to you or a general type of question posted online. Typically, these questions and concerns are commonly asked by many people, not just necessarily by one person. When this is the case, these questions naturally have a heavy SEO pull, because chances […]


Reading to Improve Your Writing

You may have heard before that all the really great writers are readers themselves. While this isn’t always true – it’s mostly true! Reading is an ideal way to train your brain to notice fine details. Reading across several genres, not just the genre you consider yourself, can help to brew and stir new ideas […]