What Is Social SEO?

As we (pretty much always) touch on, there’s almost an infinite number of ways to improve your blog’s SEO. Some of these tactics are golden, and some are not so savory. A great way to improve your blog’s SEO in a natural, organic, and beneficial way is through social SEO. What is social SEO, you […]


Pick Your Readers’ Brains

One of the most important forms of research bloggers can do is to pick their readers’ brains (no, not literally – unless you’re a zombie, in which case, we imagine you’re doing that anyway). Every year, various research agencies spend billions of dollars to get into the head of consumers. Values, insights, interests, habits… this […]


Buying Expired Domains

When starting a blog, many bloggers will stew for days, weeks, or months on the perfect blog name. When this masterpiece is finally selected, a new domain name is purchased. Of course, we do stress the importance of a domain name that’s simple, easy-to-remember, and relevant to your site. A blog URL that contains strong, […]


Making Money with LinkShare

Affiliate marketing programs offer bloggers the opportunity to make some extra money from their blogs by essentially marketing products and services from other companies. A great thing about affiliate programs is that the sales process is entirely in the hands of the merchant, so the affiliate blogger doesn’t need to worry about managing the sales […]


Track Your Links

By now, you’ve probably at least seen link shortening sites like and If you’re not quite familiar with their uses and benefits, we recommend at least learning more to see if it’s a good fit for you. At the surface, it may just seem like these sites are designed only to make links […]


Applying Off-site SEO

As we’ve discussed previously, there are two main types of SEO: on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO is all the fun that occurs on the website and within the website’s code (shocker, right?). Off-site SEO is – well, you guessed it – the SEO that occurs off your site. Essentially, off-site SEO is primarily […]


Controversy: A Secret Weapon for Traffic

As we all know, blogging can be difficult. It seems that even once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy to get used to the flow of things and forget to stick to the tips that will make you truly successful. It’s important not to let monotony get the best of you even […]


Don’t Keep Secrets

It’s not uncommon to see bloggers who may be hesitant to share valuable insights or knowledge in fear of “giving away” their tricks of the trade. But more and more blogging experts are saying that you may actually benefit more by sharing your knowledge as opposed to tucking it away and saving it for a […]