Effective Post Titles for Traffic

blog-post-titles-trafficThe best way to get people to read your blog is to familiarize yourself with the “formula”  (an algorithm, if you will) for attracting people who are interested in your niche.  In order to get your blog noticed by your potential readers, try answering some obvious questions. How do you find the content that you like to read? What makes you select one article over another? Do you understand to importance of the blog post’s title?

The answers to these questions will vary, but one thing that never changes is the fact that everyone starts reading at the title. If the title is intriguing, they’re going to move on to the first paragraph and continue to read if you are telling them something they didn’t know before. It’s a pretty basic principle that too many bloggers often overlook.

Post Title Power

Your blog title gives the reader a first impression of  its content (especially when combined with a relevant photo – never underestimate the power of a photo or video for driving traffic either.) When you spend hours crafting the perfect post, don’t  undermine your hard work by slapping just any title at the top. Make sure you have at lease one crucial keyword in the title (as well as in the first paragraph.)

Writing Effective Blog Titles

In most cases, the title is the single most influential element for generating readership.  You don’t have to write hyperbole to make your title stand out to readers, although sometimes it’s a great way to make your blog stand out. The title should entice their curiosity and challenge them to continue reading. Great post titles often relate to the reader and serve as a short yet concise explanation of what the blog post is about, and a preview of what’s to follow. Don’t mislead them, but don’t bore them.

It may take a while until you’re a blog post title-writing master. Make an active effort to work on your blog post titles with each one you write; when in doubt,   ask yourself: “what would make me want to read this?”



  1. Rachel U says:

    I don’t really put much thought into my blog titles. Now I will, though.

  2. Lowell Hyder says:

    I know the title is the reason I read an article

  3. Stanton Santa says:

    I never thought the title was so important in a blog. Very important to keep in mind

  4. Ilda Procopio says:

    The title of a blog is very important to create more traffic.

  5. it just makes sense to choose a title that is both informative and interesting

  6. Manda Soliday says:

    The title of a blog are very important to generate traffic for a blog why we must take intoaccount.

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