Using Your Blogging Skills and Expertise to Write an E-book that Sells


By now you’re probably familiar with the concept of E-books and how helpful they can be to bloggers and writers. For those who aren’t familiar, an E-book is a publication that’s the length of a book, published in electronic form. Not only can E-books be highly profitable,  they can help build your reputation by exposing your expertise and knowledge to a wide audience.

Will an E-book Work for Me?

Not all niches of business can benefit from an e-book. For example, people who make a living writing about news and current events wouldn’t benefit from writing an E-book; after all,  who wants to read old news? E-books work best for websites that provide useful information that does not change, such as guides and tutorials. If your blog site doesn’t specialize in this type of subject matter, you can always write an e-book as a vehicle to expose your knowledge and expertise to a wider audience.

Things to Know about E-books

Before you commit to writing an E-book, keep in mind that it’s not an easy undertaking, but for the experienced writer it s certainly do-able.  Writing a worthwhile E-book requires the appropriate research and a “nose-to-the-grindstone” focus in order to produce quality content that has the potential for profitability.  Whether you’re writing a blog or an E-book, quality is king.  If you have 10 pages of well written, high quality content, you should never feel the need to fluff it up in order to make it 50 pages.


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